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Algeria offers world class conference facilities

Back home from my seventh visit to Algeria, I’m delighted at having  witnessed that country’s transition from a regional trouble spot into a world class conference centre. Delighted because Algeria has uncompromisingly been one of South Africa’s firmest friends. As correspondent to the United Nations, I recall Algerians playing key

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Morocco acknowledged “glamour” of Saharawi President Brahim Ghali’s state visit to South Africa

Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita has broken his silence on Saharawi President Brahim Ghali’s state visit to South Africa, acknowledging the glamour of the event Ghali flew home with host President Cyril Ramaphosa’s assertion that the coloniaisation of Africa continued so long as Morocco maintained its illegal 47-year occupation of

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Morocco assumes apartheid South Africa’s role as Africa’s bully boy

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI skipped Kenyan President William Ruto’s inauguration ceremony in Nairobi this week. He’ll also miss  Angolan President João Lourenço’s inauguration in Luanda tomorrow. Is this because Western Sahara President Brahim Ghali was and will be there? Or is he embarrassed about his envoy being caught lying about

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German Chancellor stomps on Ramaphosa’s careful diplomacy

As expected Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominated today’s meeting at the Union Buildings of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. The German leader stepped all over Ramaphosa’s  careful explanation of why South African abstained in a United Nations General Assembly vote condemning Russian aggression. Ramaphosa carefully

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South Africa fears a new wave of xenophobia

  There are fears that a new wave of xenophobia is building in South Africa. Driving it as movement called Dudula, which is the Zulu word for drive-back. Current hot spots are Alexandra township, were people in poverty live in sight of the salubrious business and residential area of Sandton,

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I am betting the Kuwaitis won’t change their working week

It is said other Arabic countries will follow the United Arab Emirates in adopting a Western working week. From this year, the UAE has observed Saturday and Sunday as holiday instead of Friday and Saturday as is the case in most Islamic countries. If there are further changes, my money

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Is he really running out of road?

How did we move in four short years from  the Ramaphoria  of a new president to a man whom even sympathetic analysts say has run out of road? Cyril Ramaphosa has reached the critical half-way stage of his presidential term and he will have to show his mettle in Thursday’s

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